Further to my July 13, 2017 blog post….

A caller who’d suffered a severe concussion told me today that she recently reached out to her accident benefits (insurance) adjuster for resources for recovery from brain injury. The adjuster’s response was to refer the caller for an “independent medical assessment” by a physician who would supposedly provide medical advice. However, upon attending at the medical appointment, she was forthrightly told by the physician that he was being paid by the insurance company. Astutely sensing bias, she did not proceed with the appointment. What should one learn from this? Both your own insurance adjuster and the wrongdoer’s insurance adjuster are not motivated to help you; rather, the opposite. Their sole goal is to pay you nothing or as little as possible. Don’t reach out to your adjuster with questions about recovery or resources. I have a wealth of information from representing injured clients for thirty-five years, that I’m happy to share with you….Check the links on my website and feel free to give me a call….

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